About The Athenian Academy

The Original Athenian Academy
Clearwater Campus

In the year 2000 the original Athenian Academy Charter School was founded as the First Greek Immersion Charter School in the United States of America. At that time, the concept of charter schools was relatively new in the state of Florida. Not only was the concept of charter schools relatively new, a multilingual focus at an elementary level caused a great deal of skepticism even though in over 20 European Countries, second and third language instruction is required to begin in schools with children as young as 5 years old. The founder of Athenian Academy, Mr. George Poumakis, was so convinced and passionate about the benefits of American children learning the Greek language, culture and customs, gained the support of the Education Consulate of Greece and together, they negotiated a ground breaking, teacher exchange program that paved the way for the school to open. Now, sixteen years later, the original Athenian Academy has expanded from a K-2 school with as few as 50 students, to a K-8 school, educating over 500 students; added Spanish language instruction in 2007 and was granted “High Performing Status” in 2014. Today, the founders of the original school, along with the governing board, Choice Charter School Services and the School Leader are equally as passionate about sharing the school model and the benefits of multilingual education with many more students in Florida school districts.

Pastor Benedict V. Williams: Board President         bennyvwilliams@yahoo.com
Mr. Mark Tsetsi : Board Secretary                          mtsetsi@gmail.com
Mrs. Voula Patridis : Officer                                     ppatrides@gmail.com
Mr. John Pantanzes: Vice President                       jpantazes@icloud.com

Board Members Can Be Contacted By:
1. Email Addresses Above
2. Leaving a Message at the School
3. Attend a Scheduled Board Meeting


Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meetings
The Board will meet on the last Monday, every month and have at least two public meetings per school year within the Sponsoring District. The meetings will be noticed, open, and accessible to the public, and attendees will be provided an opportunity to receive information and provide input regarding the charter school’s operations. The appointed representative and charter school principal or director, or his or her equivalent, will be physically present at each meeting.

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November 2018 Special Board Meeting



The Athenian Academy has a strong partnership with the Greek Embassy Department of Education. Our Greek teachers participate in a 3-5 year teacher exchange program and are all highly qualified, veteran, native speaking, educators from Greece.


The Athenian Academy employs State of Florida certified Spanish teachers. With multiple Spanish teachers on site, each brings the advantage of their home country dialect to the Spanish curriculum.


Dual Foreign Language Focus

Athenian Academy, established in the year 2000, was the first Greek immersion charter school in the United States. Today Athenian Academy’s curriculum has evolved into dual foreign languages including both Greek and Spanish. Athenian is the only school in Pinellas County that teaches two foreign languages daily to all K-8 students.

Traditional public schools offer foreign language classes, often popular options like Spanish and French. But overall, children in the United States are behind their counterparts elsewhere in the world who learn multiple languages while growing up. Students at Athenian along with core academics receive daily instruction in English, Greek and Spanish giving them a tri-lingual, tri-cultural global advantage.

All Children Smile in the Same Language, γλώσσα, idioma.