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The 2018 Student Code of Conduct Athenian Academy

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The 2018 Student Code of Conduct Athenian Academy

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Jessica Bedwell – PE Coach
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Eleni Stamelou – Greek Teacher


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Mission & Vision


The mission of Athenian Academy Charter School is to Change Lives- Challenge Minds- Create Global Citizens- through World Language Instruction and Meaningful Motivation.

The school’s vision is to fulfill the mission through the educational development of global minded, multilingual citizens using world language instruction as a vehicle toward academic achievement and excellence in all curriculum areas.

Organizational Philosophy
In carrying out the desire guides ATHENIAN ACADEMY to use the resources of its community, its staff and its students to provide the highest quality education permitted by its financial resources. In reaching decisions the Governing Board will attempt in every case to act in the best interest of its students.

Organizational Structure
ATHENIAN ACADEMY is a not-for-profit 501 C3 corporation; incorporated within the state of Florida. The organization is directed by the Governing Board who set the policies and guidelines for the organization and delegate to staff day-to-day responsibilities for operational matters. The School Leader consults with staff members to allow for the greatest possible staff participation in the decision making of the organization.